Tuesday, March 17, 2015

pcb Copy board guise of "copy " hot tech stocking

pcb Copy board guise of "copy " hot tech stocking
Chinese New Year approaching , people are beginning to actively preparing the festival.
pcb Copy board
This reporter learned that, since 2010, the recovery of electronic products , people buy gifts are beginning to show fashion, electronic characteristics , "3C Year " has become a buzzword before the holiday . Send grandparents massage, send parents a washing machine , fruit Soymilk send to friends , send junior MP5 etc. rush fashion , chasing trends, high-tech products almost become a popular favorite " fashion stocking " practical and face ! pcb Copy board
But who work from home, how many people really afford to buy high-tech stocking ? Especially those of international brands of electronic products , one should just thousands . Learn smartphones in China 's rapidly growing popularity of the coup , Shenzhen copy board or high-tech stocking sizzling again . pcb Copy board
PCB copy board guise, offers innovative research and development of alternative
By PCB copy board, we can get all kinds of PCB files , BOM list , schematics and PCB silk screen production files, and on this basis, restructuring or a secondary product technology R & D . Modify its deficiencies through PCB board, improve product performance. pcb Copy board
PCB copy board industrial transfer , take a low-cost leadership strategy
It is understood that the biggest bottleneck in Shenzhen high-tech stocking face is the high cost , but high input PCB copy board is different from traditional technology research and development of innovative , high risk , high return. pcb Copy board
PCB copy board with a comprehensive plan for the high-tech IT " unzip "
OurPCB are the best pcb and pcba manufacture,we can do like PCB system board map design and processing , chip decryption , IC decryption, reverse chip design , foundry , copied chip ( chip imitation ) , back to the schematic design and schematics , BOM table production, material procurement on behalf of , ODM / OEM / SMT foundry generation of material ( circuit board to buy the materials and processing ) , functional prototype production , further development of the original prototype ( secondary development of the secondary development of the original prototype software programs , hardware features ) such as a full solution. pcb Copy board

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