Monday, May 4, 2015

Apple supplier-Chinese consortium over a hundred million to buy the former Apple supplier

Apple supplier-Chinese consortium over a hundred million to buy the former Apple supplier
After more than eight months of marathon negotiations, the United States image sensor maker OmniVision ( called " OmniVision " under , OVTI.NASDAQ) agreed by the CRE investment -led consortium initiated funded acquisitions. Apple supplie

Apple supplier

It learned that the transaction price of $ 29.75 per share , according to 5811 shares share capital , the transaction price reached $ 1.73 billion (about 10.729 billion yuan ) . Apple supplie

Apple supplier-Chinese consortium over a hundred million to buy the former Apple supplier

" OmniVision and Sony PK is capable of high-end graphics chip provider , did not do the basic domestic 5 million or more ( shipment) image chip makers ." Phone League Secretary General Yanhui China to accept the " First Financial Daily " reporters He said in an interview.  Apple supplie
Public information, OmniVision is one of the world's leading provider of image sensor chips , fiscal 2014 revenues of $ 1.454 billion , and its products are mainly used in smart phones, tablet computers, automotive , security and other fields . Apple supplie. OmniVision once Apple's camera chip supplier , but it has been replaced by other competitors. Apple supplie
"In the high-end image sensors , OmniVision and Sony gap has been growing, feeling a bit outdated , but for domestic acquisitions are concerned , is a very good acquisition target . OmniVision in the high-end market is still there a considerable market share . " Wang Yanhui said. Apple supplie
It is worth mentioning that the third largest shareholder OmniVision still image chip packaging and testing company WLCSP technology, WLCSP technology in the A share market, OmniVision holds 3026.17 million shares, accounting for 13.35% . Hai Tong Securities believes that after the completion of the acquisition , OmniVision chain may accelerate the transfer to China . Apple supplie
In recent years , the emergence of integrated circuits for multiple cross-border M & A cases , Tsinghua Unisplendour Group Holding completed the Communications of the Nasdaq-listed exhibition , RDA privatization, China Electronics Technology Group acquired listed on Nasdaq server chip companies Montage Technology , this year , the domestic packaging and testing firms Changjiang Electronics Technology announced the acquisition of the world's fourth -largest chip packaging and testing providers ChipPAC . Apple supplie
Wang Yanhui think , put aside the impact on the industry aside, the lower the average PE of the acquired company on the Nasdaq PE industry than the domestic A shares , the delisting from the US stock market to return to A -share market, financial investors can get good income , but according to OmniVision purchase price $ 29.75 / share calculation, the PE has more than 15 times , you can not say that without its risks .Apple supplie.  First Financial Daily

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Q2 semiconductor light the second half back to God

Q2 semiconductor light the second half back to God

SPIL chairman Lin Wenbo yesterday ( 29 ) , said by some manufacturers of end products sales as expected, market competition and market intelligence machine into the three major factors that correction of other factors , a conservative look this season semiconductor market conditions , estimated to to recovery until the second half , the second half of the market is expected to grow year over year , the growth rate in the high single digits ( 6-9% ) . Q2 semiconductor

Q2 semiconductor

Lin Wenbo has " semiconductor boom beak " reputation , he represented SPIL bearish season semiconductor industry climate , is the second TSMC , Qualcomm another season under the revised outlook , another semiconductor maker conservative attitude to the season , especially in the three plants invariably wisdom machine named weak market conditions , the season is one of the main industrial light today MediaTek law said that it would release more by concerns about the outlook . Q2 semiconductor

Q2 semiconductor light the second half back to God

Lin Wenbo explanation , seasonal effects in the second quarter is not as strong in previous years , mainly because China has become the world's major markets, customers pull goods peak period change. In addition , the United States , South Korea -based mobile phone giant Apple and Samsung and other mobile phone sales is good, this season also entered correction period , better than the semiconductor industry strongly last year.Q2 semiconductor
SPIL Investor Conference held yesterday , announced first quarter revenues of 20.805 billion yuan , quarter by 2.9% , annual growth of 15.2% ; net income 2.615 billion yuan , is the best calendar year , quarter by 13.27% , the annual increase of 24.9% net income per share 0.83 yuan ; single- quarter gross margin of 26.2% , operating profit margin of 16.7%. Q2 semiconductor

SPIL Taiwan common shares yesterday fell 0.8 yuan , to close at 50.2 yuan ; American Depositary Receipts (ADR) fell more than 2 percent in early trading , reflecting the company's bearish sentiment . Q2 semiconductor
Lin Wenbo believes that some customers not busy season , but there are some customers not short off- season revenue performance SPIL therefore not as strong as last year , but the growth rate is still better than other vendors . Overall, by some manufacturers of end products sales as expected, market competition, market intelligence machine into the factors affecting the three amendments of the like , the season of the semiconductor market conditions, the conservative view . He hold the same view with TSMC .Q2 semiconductor

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Apple's revenue in China rose 71 percent , surpassing Europe

Apple's revenue in China rose 71 percent, surpassing Europe

Apple on Monday released the 2015 second quarter earnings, reported in Greater China smoothly among Apple's second -largest market, significantly beyond Europe, it is the only revenue qoq rise area.

Greater growth is more than three times that of Europe and the US Pacific market growth. In the first quarter, Apple opened five new stores in China. Analysts predict that Apple will add 40 retail outlets in the country by 2016.

It is estimated that, from a volume perspective the iPhone has become the biggest buyer of Chinese consumers. However, the quarter 's revenue in China is still lower than the Americas region , but significantly beyond Europe, ranking second. 

Apple's revenue for the quarter was $ 1.6823 billion in Greater China, an increase of up to 71 %. Consumption levels rising middle class in China rising to become Apple's consumer electronics force. Apple CEO Tim Cook in the earnings conference call last quarter, said , "We can clear that we believe that China 's future, this is an incredible market ."

On the new Apple Watch conference, Apple even shows a variety of Chinese consumers commonly used applications, such as micro- letters. Many analysts had expected, iPhone sales slowed sharply in the quarter after the US consumer. 

But the iPhone 6 to the Chinese people flock to substantial sales growth in China to make up for the negative impact of slowing sales in other regions brought.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Teach you how to read the hardware schematics

Teach you how to read the hardware schematics

Schematic Elements,

We say that a circuit diagram , also called c ircuit diagram ( schematic ) , is a reflection of an electrical circuit diagram of the connections between the various components of the drawings . Teach you how to read the hardware schematics.

Through the schematic analysis, we can understand the product circuit structure and working principle . Therefore , one of the PCB schematics understand whether qualified engineers measure , but also a necessary basic skills. Teach you how to read the hardware schematics.

So the question becomes , how can we understand it as soon as possible schematics ?
To read schematics, architectural schematics first have a basic understanding of the various components of skilled schematic symbols , and know the schematic drawing law rules .

First of all, to share with you the constituent elements of the circuit diagram .

A complete circuit diagram is constituted by a number of factors . These factors include:

Graphic symbols Text symbols Connection. Text description Devices digit number and parameters, etc.

Teach you how to read the hardware schematics

Let us further illustrated by a diagram :

1.Graphic symbols

Graphic symbols constitute the main body of the schematic . In the figure, for example ,
Wave shape : that resistance


Two short box: represents the capacitance

Continuous semicircular : that beads or inductors ,


Box Shape : that integrated circuits


Between the various elements of the graphic symbol or page using the inter-link connector to link up to form a complete circuit.

OurPCB is a multi-national PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly company who provides Global service and support while utilizing our very own Chinese manufacturing capabilities. We offer competitive overseas pricing, local service and support and outstanding delivery times. We achieve this because we are the manufacturing company. OurPCB Tech, Our main company in China was founded in 2005, The company has provided professional Printed circuit board & PCB Assembly services for more than 2,500 customers around the globe.
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Monday, April 20, 2015

PCB strong book to bill ratio February North American

PCB strong book to bill ratio

International Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC) released "Statistical PCB industry research report in February in North America " today . The report shows that February sales still sluggish , but orders rose , pushing book to bill ratio higher.

North American PCB industry total shipments , compared with February 2014 , down 1.1% , resulting in YTD shipments fell 1.6% ; compared with the previous month , the chain increased 1.2%.

PCB total order amount , compared with February 2014 , an increase of 5.1% , pushing orders increased 0.9 percent so far this year ; compared with the previous month , a decline of 0.7 %. February 2015 North American PCB industry book to bill ratio up to 1.05.

Data Interpretation

Book to bill ratio , is the ratio of the research project with the participation of IPC sample orders in the past three months, divided by the year's sales , to get. The ratio of more than 1.00 , indicating that the current demand exceeds supply , suggesting the development of the next three to six months, sales growth trend will be in . Ratio of less than 1.00 , it indicates that the current supply is greater than demand .

Data Interpretation

Book to bill ratio , is the ratio of the research project with the participation of IPC sample orders in the past three months, divided by the year's sales , to get. The ratio of more than 1.00 , indicating that the current demand exceeds supply , suggesting the development of the next three to six months, sales growth trend will be in . Ratio of less than 1.00 , it indicates that the current supply is greater than demand .

Year growth rate and growth rate so far this year , for the exploration industry trends instructive. Ring data affected its cyclical and short-term changes in factors need to be treated with caution . Compared with the shipment data, order data changes larger orders shipped between the ratio of change from month to month , is not so important , unless there are significant changes in three consecutive months trend. Reasons for change orders and shipments and understand book to bill ratio of change is equally important.

IPC 's monthly PCB industry statistics , data from a representative in the United States and Canada rigid / flex PCB manufacturers sample companies regularly offer. IPC will publish monthly PCB and PCB book to bill ratio statistics project reports . Monthly statistical report will be released in the last week of the following month.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

PCB board EMC automated inspection tool (EMC_CONTROL) development

This article describes the history of Huawei CAD department in EMC research and development. CAD department because of its focus on board-level nature of work more EMC problems , system-level EMC aspects from another department (EMC laboratory ) is responsible , EMC EMC laboratory has a very comprehensive test equipment and hardware platform, EMC research conditions than the hardware aspects of CAD department is good, so how in the development of CAD in the cracks EMC business is worth thinking managers !
EMC (electromagnetic compatibility ) : is required to run does not produce electromagnetic interference can not tolerate any of its environment, the ability of the device or system meets the equipment in its electromagnetic environment. Because the system level EMC (electromagnetic compatibility ) too many factors involved in the simulation , the algorithm is too complex , currently on the market is not mature commercial software for a slightly more complex EMC systems for accurate simulation . EMC treatment in most cases is : EMC engineers based on engineering experience or DESIGN RULE product inspection, corrective or preventive . Although many EDA software can simulate statement EMC, but the software can emulate some of the more simple example EMC , EMC problems for the slightly more complex to deal with , or powerless.

Deal with EMC problems arise dependent on experience in product engineering is relatively high, the real problem through software emulation is rarely found . EMC engineers in many cases will be reviewed in accordance with EMC Checklist (EMC Checklist), this table is generally focused on the experience of the various proposals and compiled a list of "large ", many of the items are checked only for specific products and conditions to be effective , so use it to check for other specific conditions are not suitable product . Before the product launch , engineers will inspect each item according to EMC Checklist corresponding checks to determine whether the product is designed to meet the requirements , when checking the entry of more than a case of missed prone . EMC has a strong professional examination , experience different results when engineers same product with the same EMC Checklist table check may not be the same, because the experience of the engineer can grasp some of the checkpoints , which may be the emergence of a people think this place is going to amend , modify another case of unnecessary people think .
As the board level , package level and IC level EMC design incorporated into the core interconnect technology to develop together with the PI and SI force , which is to improve the status of the interconnect in the company will be quite helpful.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The world's 8 inch wafer competition pattern has changed

The world's 8 inch wafer competition pattern has changed
Recently, Yonhap news said, in core international (SMIC) is working with South Korea's largestsemiconductor foundry enterprise -- the eastern Gaoke (Dongbu HiTek) to discuss merger.South Korea Development Bank in charge of matters relating to the sale of the eastern Gaoke(KDB) is the source of the message. According to the bank officials said the message says, the primary stage of negotiations are still, and no exchange relevant price details views. While the eastern Gaoke has not held an open tender, just sign in to seek private contract.The world's 8 inch wafer competition pattern has changed.
The world's 8 inch wafer competition pattern has changed
The eastern Gaoke is Korea's only existing foundry enterprises, with two 8 inch wafer fab is currently in South Korea, manufacturing the main products include CMOS image sensor, power management IC and digital audio amplifier chip. The eastern Gaoke 2014 sales of $531000000,40% are from the South Korean domestic small and medium sized enterprises.The world's 8 inch wafer competition pattern has changed.
In 2014, the Eastern Group (Dongbu Gruop) the outbreak of financial crisis, the urgent need forindustrial restructuring -- the sale is not a sound business, in order to reduce the toxic assets of the group, and to ensure that the cash flow. This is the sale of fate to fall in the eastern Gaokebody.The world's 8 inch wafer competition pattern has changed.

According to the BusinessKorea report, although the eastern Gaoke in the first half of 2014turned into profit, operating income reached 11000000000 won ($10020000), but there are still800000000000 won ($784000000) of liabilities, which directly leads to the eastern group every year to carry 60000000000 won ($59000000) financial interest cost.
In 2014 August, the group announced plans to sell its eastern Eastern GAOKE 37% stake.According to the assessment, which is about 200000000000 won ($196000000). If the successful sale of the East GAOKE, Eastern group can greatly reduce the cost of debt and interest.
In fact, including Samsung, LG, SK, Korea Hynix Semiconductor enterprises are not localexpress positive intention to purchase, so South Korea Development Bank have already turned their attention to the oversea company. In core international is one of the most active one of thebid.The world's 8 inch wafer competition pattern has changed.
OurPCB is a multi-national PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly company who provides Global service and support while utilizing our very own Chinese manufacturing capabilities. We offer competitive overseas pricing
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Great Wall with pcba assembly - OurPCB customers

Great Wall with pcba assembly - OurPCB  customers
OurPCB Tech Limited was found in 2005, it provides professional PCB&PCBA service for Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd.
OurPCB Vision is becoming the most reliable PCB and PCBA service supplier.
Great Wall with pcba assemblyGreat Wall Motor Co., Ltd. is China 's largest SUV and pickup manufacturer . Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2003 , the Shanghai Stock Exchange on September 30, 2011 2014 , assets amounted 54.305billion yuan. Now , Great Wall Motor has two brands - Great Wall Hover and covers three categories : SUV, sedans and pickups with more than 30 holding subsidiaries, more than 60,000 employees , four vehicle manufacturing base , has developed a core of self- supporting capacity parts such as engines and transmissions . Great Wall with pcba assembly.
Since 2004 , Great Wall Motor has been listed among "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" and "Top 10 Listed Private Companies"; was named the "recommended export brand" by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and export of electromechanical products and the "national automobile export base enterprise " by the Ministry of Commerce and the National Development and Reform Commission. For many times, have been listed among the "Top 10 Listed Private Companies", " China Top 500 Enterprises ", " China's Top 500 Machinery Manufacturers ", " China's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises", " China's Top 30 Automakers for Sales" etc. In 2014, the Great Wall car into the " 2014 Brand Finance Auto 100" by brand Finance Company announced the list , is among the Interbrand 's " China's most valuable brand , "and proposed a" wonderful Forbes Asia 50 "list for the fourth consecutive year. Great Wall with pcba assembly.

Market Performance
In the domestic and overseas markets to stay ahead. In China, domestic sales Hover SUV retains the title for 11 years , becoming the first 1 SUV brand in China ; Great Wall pickup market has resulted in the domestic market share and sales for 16 consecutive years . Great Wall with pcba assembly. Terms Single Wall buses already in the top 10 passenger car sales for several months , thus becoming the star of the family car market emerge.
In other countries, because the first export in 1998 , the Great Wall Motors has been ranked at the top for several years export volume and export value , and won the set in honor of the international market . Great Wall Motors is committed to improving customer satisfaction , and gained a reputation for the best car in China foreign brands. Great Wall with pcba assembly.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

pcb commodities fair

pcb commodities fair in last year and hope can attend this commodities fair in 2015.

OurPCB Tech Limited was found in 2005, it provides professional PCB&PCBA service for over than 1500 customers around the world. In order to satisfy more and more customers requirement about lead time and price, OurPCB built its own assembly factory in April 2011
OurPCB's Assembly factory is equiped many advanced machines, e.g. Siemens HS50 placer, Siemens F5 Placer, Heller 1809 Reflow,Speedline MPM printer,OK intelligent solder iron,Otek Automatic Optical Inspection... we can assemble BGA,LGA,QFN,QFP,DIP,SIP...., The smallest package form we can mount is 0201. Our factory also can provide programming,wiring, screwing, injecting and conformal coating service. It have ISO9001 Certification

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pcb Copy board guise of "copy " hot tech stocking

pcb Copy board guise of "copy " hot tech stocking
Chinese New Year approaching , people are beginning to actively preparing the festival.
pcb Copy board
This reporter learned that, since 2010, the recovery of electronic products , people buy gifts are beginning to show fashion, electronic characteristics , "3C Year " has become a buzzword before the holiday . Send grandparents massage, send parents a washing machine , fruit Soymilk send to friends , send junior MP5 etc. rush fashion , chasing trends, high-tech products almost become a popular favorite " fashion stocking " practical and face ! pcb Copy board
But who work from home, how many people really afford to buy high-tech stocking ? Especially those of international brands of electronic products , one should just thousands . Learn smartphones in China 's rapidly growing popularity of the coup , Shenzhen copy board or high-tech stocking sizzling again . pcb Copy board
PCB copy board guise, offers innovative research and development of alternative
By PCB copy board, we can get all kinds of PCB files , BOM list , schematics and PCB silk screen production files, and on this basis, restructuring or a secondary product technology R & D . Modify its deficiencies through PCB board, improve product performance. pcb Copy board
PCB copy board industrial transfer , take a low-cost leadership strategy
It is understood that the biggest bottleneck in Shenzhen high-tech stocking face is the high cost , but high input PCB copy board is different from traditional technology research and development of innovative , high risk , high return. pcb Copy board
PCB copy board with a comprehensive plan for the high-tech IT " unzip "
OurPCB are the best pcb and pcba manufacture,we can do like PCB system board map design and processing , chip decryption , IC decryption, reverse chip design , foundry , copied chip ( chip imitation ) , back to the schematic design and schematics , BOM table production, material procurement on behalf of , ODM / OEM / SMT foundry generation of material ( circuit board to buy the materials and processing ) , functional prototype production , further development of the original prototype ( secondary development of the secondary development of the original prototype software programs , hardware features ) such as a full solution. pcb Copy board

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

PCB circuit board plates Some kinds of board - OurPCB

PCB circuit board plates Some kinds of board - OurPCB
PCB circuit board consists of pads, vias, mounting holes, wires, components, connectors, filling, electrical boundary and other components, electronic products to meet the short, small, light, thin, high-density assembly requirements, to promote the circuit multi-layer board, super multi-layer development.
PCB circuit board main role is to connect components to use, using a wide range of PCB board, small toys, cell phones, radios, large aviation, railways and other large-scale high-end electronic products. PCB circuit board plates.

Here are some kinds of PCB circuit board plates:
PCB circuit board plates 0
PCB board plates has FR-1, FR-2, FR-3, FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3.

"FR" is representative of "flame retardant", FR-1, FR-2, CEM-1 and FR-3 are essentially the same, only a slight error on the mass, but not the three plates produced multilayer wiring board, and FR-4 and CEM-3 can be produced multilayer wiring board, FR-4 is the most common PCB board, is the most widely used sheet, the current line MILL many are using this plates so the relatively low price of FR-4 sheet of some, but the FR-4 plates also has a heat resistance, highest withstand temperatures up to 130 degrees.
PCB circuit board copper is one of the most important components of PCB circuit board, PCB circuit board copper thickness 18um, 25um, 35um, 50um and 70um, international copper plates thickness is divided into three 35um, 50um and 70um if needed thick electroplated copper foil is required to use thicker or other chemical reactions of the circuit board copper foil thicker. PCB circuit board plates

By grade level from bottom to high divided as follows:
94HB / 94VO / 22F / CEM-1 / CEM-3 / FR-4 details are as follows: 94HB: ordinary cardboard, not fire (most low-grade materials, die punching, can not do power Board) PCB circuit board plates

94V0: retardant cardboard (die punching) 22F: single half glass plate (mold punching)

CEM-1: single-sided glass plate (must be computer drilling, can not punch)

CEM-3: semi-sided glass plate (except double-sided cardboard outer panels are the most low-end materials, a simple two-panel can use this material, will be cheaper than FR-4 5 ~ 10 yuan / square meter)

FR-4: double-sided fiberglass board

Currently Bonded Copper extensive use of the following types, their characteristics as follows: There are a variety of copper-clad types of some kinds of PCB circuit board plates classification knowledge Bonded Copper copper clad board. PCB circuit board plates.

Reinforcements generally based on different boards, can be divided into: paper-based, fiberglass cloth classification pcb board, composite base (CEM series), laminated plywood base and specialty materials group (ceramics, metal core group, etc.) five class.

If adopted by board _) (^ $ RFSW # $% T classify different resin adhesives, paper-based CCI common are: phenolic resin (XPc, XxxPC, FR-1, FR-2, etc.), the ring various types of epoxy resin (FE-3), a polyester resin or the like. 

CCL common glass fiber cloth with epoxy (FR a 4, FR-5), which is a glass fiber cloth type most widely used.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

our customers ABB from OurPCB factory - OurPCB

our customers ABB from OurPCB factory.
OurPCB is a multi-national PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly company who provides Global service and support while utilizing our very own Chinese manufacturing capabilities.

We offer competitive overseas pricing, local service and support and outstanding delivery times. We achieve this because we are the manufacturing company. our customers ABB.

our customers ABB01

OurPCB Tech, Our main company in China was founded in 2005, The company has provided professional Printed circuit board & PCB Assembly services for more than 2,500 customers around the globe. In order to satisfy our customers increasing demands and requirements for PCB assembly, We built our own PCB assembly factory in April 2011. our customers ABB.
Our factory is equipped with advanced machinery, like but not limited to three high speed SMT lines, Siemens HS50 Pick and placers, Siemens F5 pick and placers, Heller 1809 Reflows,Speedline MPM printers,OK intelligent solder irons,our customers ABB.
ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies . Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland , the company employs 145,000 people and operates about 100 countries. The company's shares are listed on stock exchanges in Zurich , Stockholm and New York. our customers ABB.

ABB is a Swiss - Swedish multinational specialty heavy motors, power generation, automation , and other fields to . Branches or offices in more than a hundred countries. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. ABB shares were listed for trading on the Zurich , Stockholm and New York stock market. More than half of ABB 's revenues come from the European market, fifth from Asia , the Middle East and Africa , a quarter from North America and South America markets.our customers ABB.

ABB has two core business unit , Power Technology Division and automation technology division , respectively, to provide related products and services. our customers ABB.

ABB 's business is also organized by those customers and industries they serve five divisions concerning the . The group is particularly proud record of innovation - through numerous technology we take for granted many awards and honors science is now widely recognized by the ultra-efficient HVDC , a revolutionary approach to marine propulsion , development. Or commercialization of ABB.
Today , ABB industrial motors and drives, the largest supplier of generators in the wind power industry and is the world 's largest supplier of the largest suppliers. our customers ABB.