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Teach you how to read the hardware schematics

Teach you how to read the hardware schematics

Schematic Elements,

We say that a circuit diagram , also called c ircuit diagram ( schematic ) , is a reflection of an electrical circuit diagram of the connections between the various components of the drawings . Teach you how to read the hardware schematics.

Through the schematic analysis, we can understand the product circuit structure and working principle . Therefore , one of the PCB schematics understand whether qualified engineers measure , but also a necessary basic skills. Teach you how to read the hardware schematics.

So the question becomes , how can we understand it as soon as possible schematics ?
To read schematics, architectural schematics first have a basic understanding of the various components of skilled schematic symbols , and know the schematic drawing law rules .

First of all, to share with you the constituent elements of the circuit diagram .

A complete circuit diagram is constituted by a number of factors . These factors include:

Graphic symbols Text symbols Connection. Text description Devices digit number and parameters, etc.

Teach you how to read the hardware schematics

Let us further illustrated by a diagram :

1.Graphic symbols

Graphic symbols constitute the main body of the schematic . In the figure, for example ,
Wave shape : that resistance


Two short box: represents the capacitance

Continuous semicircular : that beads or inductors ,


Box Shape : that integrated circuits


Between the various elements of the graphic symbol or page using the inter-link connector to link up to form a complete circuit.

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