Friday, April 10, 2015

PCB board EMC automated inspection tool (EMC_CONTROL) development

This article describes the history of Huawei CAD department in EMC research and development. CAD department because of its focus on board-level nature of work more EMC problems , system-level EMC aspects from another department (EMC laboratory ) is responsible , EMC EMC laboratory has a very comprehensive test equipment and hardware platform, EMC research conditions than the hardware aspects of CAD department is good, so how in the development of CAD in the cracks EMC business is worth thinking managers !
EMC (electromagnetic compatibility ) : is required to run does not produce electromagnetic interference can not tolerate any of its environment, the ability of the device or system meets the equipment in its electromagnetic environment. Because the system level EMC (electromagnetic compatibility ) too many factors involved in the simulation , the algorithm is too complex , currently on the market is not mature commercial software for a slightly more complex EMC systems for accurate simulation . EMC treatment in most cases is : EMC engineers based on engineering experience or DESIGN RULE product inspection, corrective or preventive . Although many EDA software can simulate statement EMC, but the software can emulate some of the more simple example EMC , EMC problems for the slightly more complex to deal with , or powerless.

Deal with EMC problems arise dependent on experience in product engineering is relatively high, the real problem through software emulation is rarely found . EMC engineers in many cases will be reviewed in accordance with EMC Checklist (EMC Checklist), this table is generally focused on the experience of the various proposals and compiled a list of "large ", many of the items are checked only for specific products and conditions to be effective , so use it to check for other specific conditions are not suitable product . Before the product launch , engineers will inspect each item according to EMC Checklist corresponding checks to determine whether the product is designed to meet the requirements , when checking the entry of more than a case of missed prone . EMC has a strong professional examination , experience different results when engineers same product with the same EMC Checklist table check may not be the same, because the experience of the engineer can grasp some of the checkpoints , which may be the emergence of a people think this place is going to amend , modify another case of unnecessary people think .
As the board level , package level and IC level EMC design incorporated into the core interconnect technology to develop together with the PI and SI force , which is to improve the status of the interconnect in the company will be quite helpful.

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