Thursday, April 30, 2015

Q2 semiconductor light the second half back to God

Q2 semiconductor light the second half back to God

SPIL chairman Lin Wenbo yesterday ( 29 ) , said by some manufacturers of end products sales as expected, market competition and market intelligence machine into the three major factors that correction of other factors , a conservative look this season semiconductor market conditions , estimated to to recovery until the second half , the second half of the market is expected to grow year over year , the growth rate in the high single digits ( 6-9% ) . Q2 semiconductor

Q2 semiconductor

Lin Wenbo has " semiconductor boom beak " reputation , he represented SPIL bearish season semiconductor industry climate , is the second TSMC , Qualcomm another season under the revised outlook , another semiconductor maker conservative attitude to the season , especially in the three plants invariably wisdom machine named weak market conditions , the season is one of the main industrial light today MediaTek law said that it would release more by concerns about the outlook . Q2 semiconductor

Q2 semiconductor light the second half back to God

Lin Wenbo explanation , seasonal effects in the second quarter is not as strong in previous years , mainly because China has become the world's major markets, customers pull goods peak period change. In addition , the United States , South Korea -based mobile phone giant Apple and Samsung and other mobile phone sales is good, this season also entered correction period , better than the semiconductor industry strongly last year.Q2 semiconductor
SPIL Investor Conference held yesterday , announced first quarter revenues of 20.805 billion yuan , quarter by 2.9% , annual growth of 15.2% ; net income 2.615 billion yuan , is the best calendar year , quarter by 13.27% , the annual increase of 24.9% net income per share 0.83 yuan ; single- quarter gross margin of 26.2% , operating profit margin of 16.7%. Q2 semiconductor

SPIL Taiwan common shares yesterday fell 0.8 yuan , to close at 50.2 yuan ; American Depositary Receipts (ADR) fell more than 2 percent in early trading , reflecting the company's bearish sentiment . Q2 semiconductor
Lin Wenbo believes that some customers not busy season , but there are some customers not short off- season revenue performance SPIL therefore not as strong as last year , but the growth rate is still better than other vendors . Overall, by some manufacturers of end products sales as expected, market competition, market intelligence machine into the factors affecting the three amendments of the like , the season of the semiconductor market conditions, the conservative view . He hold the same view with TSMC .Q2 semiconductor

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