Monday, May 4, 2015

Apple supplier-Chinese consortium over a hundred million to buy the former Apple supplier

Apple supplier-Chinese consortium over a hundred million to buy the former Apple supplier
After more than eight months of marathon negotiations, the United States image sensor maker OmniVision ( called " OmniVision " under , OVTI.NASDAQ) agreed by the CRE investment -led consortium initiated funded acquisitions. Apple supplie

Apple supplier

It learned that the transaction price of $ 29.75 per share , according to 5811 shares share capital , the transaction price reached $ 1.73 billion (about 10.729 billion yuan ) . Apple supplie

Apple supplier-Chinese consortium over a hundred million to buy the former Apple supplier

" OmniVision and Sony PK is capable of high-end graphics chip provider , did not do the basic domestic 5 million or more ( shipment) image chip makers ." Phone League Secretary General Yanhui China to accept the " First Financial Daily " reporters He said in an interview.  Apple supplie
Public information, OmniVision is one of the world's leading provider of image sensor chips , fiscal 2014 revenues of $ 1.454 billion , and its products are mainly used in smart phones, tablet computers, automotive , security and other fields . Apple supplie. OmniVision once Apple's camera chip supplier , but it has been replaced by other competitors. Apple supplie
"In the high-end image sensors , OmniVision and Sony gap has been growing, feeling a bit outdated , but for domestic acquisitions are concerned , is a very good acquisition target . OmniVision in the high-end market is still there a considerable market share . " Wang Yanhui said. Apple supplie
It is worth mentioning that the third largest shareholder OmniVision still image chip packaging and testing company WLCSP technology, WLCSP technology in the A share market, OmniVision holds 3026.17 million shares, accounting for 13.35% . Hai Tong Securities believes that after the completion of the acquisition , OmniVision chain may accelerate the transfer to China . Apple supplie
In recent years , the emergence of integrated circuits for multiple cross-border M & A cases , Tsinghua Unisplendour Group Holding completed the Communications of the Nasdaq-listed exhibition , RDA privatization, China Electronics Technology Group acquired listed on Nasdaq server chip companies Montage Technology , this year , the domestic packaging and testing firms Changjiang Electronics Technology announced the acquisition of the world's fourth -largest chip packaging and testing providers ChipPAC . Apple supplie
Wang Yanhui think , put aside the impact on the industry aside, the lower the average PE of the acquired company on the Nasdaq PE industry than the domestic A shares , the delisting from the US stock market to return to A -share market, financial investors can get good income , but according to OmniVision purchase price $ 29.75 / share calculation, the PE has more than 15 times , you can not say that without its risks .Apple supplie.  First Financial Daily

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